Gulfport Sign Service

Alternative Signs is the premier sign contractor for sign installations, surveys, removals, and service for the city of Gulfport, Mississippi.  Gulfport is the largest city in Mississippi.  Known for its historic charm, Gulfport is one of the fastest growing areas in Mississippi.

Electric Signs and Permits

Alternative Signs holds a current sign contractor’s and electrical contractor’s license in the city of Gulfport, Hancock County and the state of Mississippi.  Alternative Signs’ expert permit administration works hand in hand with the permit offices throughout Gulfport and Hancock County to submit and gain approval on our client’s sign and electrical permits as quickly as possible.

Surveys, Service & Installation

Alternative Signs survey crews perform detailed surveys daily throughout the city of Gulfport.  Our expert surveyors work hard to obtain all information that will be necessary to successfully complete an installation, restoration or removal in Gulfport, Mississippi.  We will check for access, electrical, obtain full detailed measurements of building, sign band, windows, doors, etc.  We will be your eyes in the field and will forward all information obtained as soon as possible to get your project completed in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Gulfport is home to the Gulfport Premium Outlets.  Several of our valued clients have locations in the Gulfport Premium Outlets in Gulfport Mississippi.  Located just off Interstate 10 in Gulfport, Mississippi, it is frequently visited by customers traveling into and out of Mississippi.  Alternative Signs offers round the clock sign service for many of our valued clients such as Aeropostal, GAP, Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike, Hanes Brand and many more.  Our speedy response time to service calls ensures our clients signs always stay fully illuminated so that they are seen even during the night hours from the interstate.

Parking Lot and Area Lighting

Alternative Signs is the number one sign and parking lot lighting service company in Gulfport, Mississippi.  All our service trucks including our brand new Altec LS63 are fully stocked with any lighting component that may be needed, from Metal Halide bulbs and ballast to LED bulbs and power supplies.  Our crews are highly experienced in retrofitting parking lot lights and wall packs from the older Metal Halide parts to the newer, more efficient LEDs.  As always, customer safety is a number one priority, therefore we have crews in Gulfport daily which allows us to respond to your service promptly.  Call Alternative Signs for your parking lot and area lighting service in Gulfport Mississippi today!

Our Impact on Gulfport’s Local Culture

Gulfport Mississippi is loaded with things to see and do.  From its white sand beaches, to local arts and craft fairs, to the newly built Mississippi Aquarium.  Every year during the holiday season, Jones Park which is located on the harbor in Gulfport sets up the most amazing holiday light display.  Alternative Signs is the number one source for signage for the local festivals and events.  Call us today for your sign, banner or lighting service needs in Gulfport, MS.