Biloxi Sign Service

Alternative Signs is the premier sign contractor for sign installations, surveys, removals, and service for the city of Biloxi, Mississippi.  Biloxi is the heart of nightlife in Mississippi.  It is well known for all the casinos, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Electric Signs and Permits

Alternative Signs holds a current sign contractor’s and electrical contractor’s license in the city of Biloxi, Hancock County and the state of Mississippi.  Alternative Signs’ expert permit administration works with the permit offices throughout Biloxi and Hancock County to gain approvals on sign and electrical permits for clients in a timely manner.

Surveys, Service & Installation

Alternative Signs survey crews perform detailed surveys daily throughout the city of Biloxi.  Our expert surveyors will obtain all information that will be necessary to successfully complete an installation in Biloxi, Mississippi on the first trip.  We will check for access, electrical, full detailed measurements of building, sign band, windows, doors, etc.  Whatever your valued client will need to get their sign manufactured and installed in Biloxi.

Taylor Dental recently took over Kool Smiles in Biloxi Mississippi.  Alternative Signs worked with them throughout the entire process until the final sign was installed.  We removed the existing sign, professionally sealed all penetrations using premium sealant, restored fascia and installed their new sign.  Alternative Signs worked with Biloxi’s permitting department to ensure the client would get the size sign they wanted and needed for their storefront.  We also recently assisted our valued national clients with rebranding all of their client’s Sprint locations to T-Mobile throughout the Mississippi gulf coast and Biloxi, Mississippi.  Call Alternative Signs today for your sign installation project.

Parking Lot and Area Lighting

Alternative Signs is the number one sign and parking lot lighting service company in Biloxi, Mississippi. Our service trucks are fully stocked and ready to service your parking lot lighting and area lighting in Biloxi today. We keep a full stock of many different sizes and types of lamps, ballasts, transformers, LEDs, wiring, etc.  We understand the safety of your customers and clients is of utmost importance, therefore we strive to respond to parking lot and area lighting service orders and make all necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

Our Impact on Biloxi’s Local Culture

Biloxi, Mississippi is home of the reputable annual Crawfish Festival, Cruising the Coast and Scraping the Coast.  These festivals are held at the Mississippi Coliseum.  Several food, drink and entertainment vendors set up booths.  At the Crawfish Festival, boiling teams come together to see who boils the best crawfish and all the fixins’!  At Cruising the Coast and Scraping the Coast, car owners come together in Biloxi Mississippi to show off why their cars are the best and compete in different types of competitions.  These booths rely on Alternative Signs to manufacture and install their branding and promotional signage.  Call Alternative Signs today for your promotional signage in Biloxi, Mississippi.