Alternative Signs Service Now Available in Mississippi!

Alternative Sign has expanded its coverage to include Mississippi. We hold sign contractor’s and electrical contractor’s licenses for the State of Mississippi and have clients we regularly service in Biloxi, Gulfport, Picayune, and Ocean Springs.  Our major clients in Mississippi these areas include Aeropostale, GAP, Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike, Hanes, and T-Mobile.

Electric Signs and Permits

Alternative Signs’ expert permit administration works hand in hand with the permit offices throughout Mississippi to submit and gain approval on our client’s sign and electrical permits as quickly as possible.

Field Sign Partnerships Made EASY!

Our company specializes in sign installations helping your national clients expand thier brands into Louisiana & Southern Mississippi for over 30 years.

Working around local permit laws and ordinances is hard, but we make it easy!

Surveys, Service & Installation

Alternative Signs survey crews perform detailed surveys daily throughout Mississippi. Our expert surveyors work hard to obtain all information that will be necessary to successfully complete an installation, restoration or removal of your signs. We will check for access, electrical, obtain full detailed measurements of building, sign band, windows, doors, etc. We will be your eyes in the field and will forward all information obtained as soon as possible to get your project completed in Mississippi.

Our service trucks are always fully equipped with a variety of hardware and sign lighting components such as fluorescent bulbs, ballasts, transformers, metal halide bulbs  & more.  Our speedy response time to service calls ensures our clients signs always stay fully illuminated so that they are seen even during night hours.

Parking Lot and Area Lighting

Alternative Signs is number one when it comes to parking lot lighting service.  All our service trucks including our brand new Altec LS63 are fully stocked with any lighting component that may be needed, from Metal Halide bulbs and ballast to LED bulbs and power supplies. Our crews are highly experienced in retrofitting parking lot lights and wall packs from the older Metal Halide parts to the newer, more efficient LEDs. As always, customer safety is a number one priority, so we make sure to have crews near by to respond to your service promptly. Call Alternative Signs for your parking lot and area lighting service today!