Alternative Signs is a full service company dedicated to making sure that your whole store front looks as professional as the products we create. Our expert field crews will remove your old signage, make sure that your new signs are properly installed, maintain and repair existing signs, maintain parking lot and other exterior lighting, and even help you with your surveying and permitting needs:

Sign Installation

Our skilled sign specialists are experienced in all facets of sign installation services, from the simple channel letter installations to intricate projection mounted signs.

Service / Maintenance / Repair

The combined experience of our sign service department has allowed us to become an expert in the field of servicing a large variety of signs. Monument signs, multi-tenant signs and even the most complex digital & electronic message centers.

Survey & Permitting

your one-stop shop for your site survey and permitting needs.  If your daily scope of work includes purchasing signs and having signs installed on a regular basis, then you know well the importance of accurate information.  Alternative Signs prides itself on dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s in its daily operation.

Parking Lot / Outdoor Lighting

By providing vibrant high output lighting to their parking lot areas and exterior building areas, this adds a heightened level of security and safety to our valued clients locations.


Manufacturing has always been a very important part of the sign industry.  Here at Alternative Signs & Graphics, LLC, we seek out and employ the finest sign welders, sign electrical workers and sign craftsmen that we can find.

Neon Signs & Repair

The New Orleans neon sign filled cityscape is a beautiful thing.  Though neon is increasingly becoming replaced with modern LED sign lighting in several other industrial cities, an abundance of  neon signs will always be present in a city like New Orleans that never sleeps.

Led Retrofits

Our expert team specializes in retrofitting traditional signage with cutting-edge LED technology, transforming your signs into vibrant, cost-effective marketing tools.

Professional Sign Rebranding

Rebranding is today’s newest strategy to change or update your business identity or product image to compete with new developments. Alternative Signs is your one stop shop for all of your rebranding needs. If you are in need of having your signs updated or rebranded, call Alternative Signs first!